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SBI home loan rates to start from 6.95 pc


SBI has said on its website that its home loan rates will start from 6.95 per cent, effective April 1.

Last month, the public sector bank had announced a special offer valid till March 31, wherein home loans were available starting from 6.7 pc. This indicates that the best rate for home loans has increased by 25 basis points. .

According to SBI’s website, home loans are available at 40 bps above the external benchmark-linked rate (EBLR). The EBLR, which is linked to the RBI’s repo rate, is currently 6.65 pc, which would mean that home loans are available at 7 pc. However, loan proposals that have a woman as one of the applicants are entitled to a 5 bps discount, which makes it 6.95 per cent.