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Skootr creates office as a piece of art


New Delhi, November 29, 2020: Managed Office Space operator Skootr has modelled its newest office in Cybercity Gurugram drawing inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage of magnificent palaces with a touch of contemporary luxury. The workspace is called Skootr Palace and includes private offices, a managed collaborative space with meeting rooms and F&B services.

With an area of over 46,000 sq. ft., Skootr Palace interiors play around with a combination of different textures and materials together muted with an elite palate of colours and is decorated with Pichwaai paintings created by local craftsmen of the region.

Anuj SaxenaSpearheaded the project, Anuj Saxena, Co-Founder & Director, Skootr said, The aim is to build a world class workspace. The inspiration drew from the palaces of Udaipur and create a similar concept with a blend of Indian aesthetic appeal focussing on a design with a true corporate functionality.”

Rajat JoharCommenting on the inaugural, Rajat Johar, Country Head, Skootr said, “Analysing the recent developments, behaviour patterns in how employees work and play, Skootr is meeting the future of workspace demand by delivering bespoke offices that resonate with aspirations of today’s dynamic corporate clan.”

According to a press release issued by the company, the seamless combination of functionality and design was attained with contribution from local artisans, interior designers, and technology experts. Over 20 ethnic artists were involved to create niche artwork such as Pichwaai paintings while interior designers, and technology experts looked after form and functionality. Additionally, biophilic elements such as air purifying plants, water fountain, fish tanks and water sounds surround the office space adding a soothing effect to the workspace.