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TATA Realty Launches Intellion+ App

Bangalore, January 24, 2024: TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd (TRIL) has launched the Intellion+ App, a sophisticated addition to its commercial division, Intellion. The app has been initiated across all its four operational assets, Ramanujan Intellion Park, Chennai, Intellion Edge, Gurugram, Intellion Park, Gurugram, and Intellion Square, Mumbai.

Intellion+ aims to towards cultivating “Smart” workspaces, unifying fragmented systems into an intuitive platform. Intellion+ offers effortless access to a comprehensive suite of amenities and services within Intellion office parks, accompanied by real-time updates and curated offers. Some of the services that the app is offering its occupiers are coherent amenity bookings, pre-ordering of food from the F&B outlets in the campus, easy access to the occupier, and their visitors, parking slot access, updates on specially curated events and offers all the while presenting a platform to share feedbacks as well. 

Accessibility is a key tenet of Intellion+. Available to all occupiers at Intellion, the app democratizes workplace convenience, making empowerment accessible to every individual, mentions a press release issued by the company.

Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. emphasized the transformative nature of the upcoming Intellion+ App, stating, “Intellion+ marks a pivotal milestone in our commitment to redefine contemporary workspaces. With a strategic emphasis on seamless integration, personalized engagement, and the overarching theme of #PowerOfPlus, this innovative application embodies our dedication to fostering dynamic and interconnected work environments. TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. continues to lead the way in increasing occupier lifecycle value by providing connected workspaces and Intellion+ is our example of excellence in that.”

Ritesh Sachdev, SVP & Commercial Head- Leasing, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. said, “With a focus on seamless integration and personalized engagement, Intellion+ embodies the future of work, where technology enhances every aspect of the workday. By consolidating amenities, services, and communication channels within Intellion office parks, our objective is to not only enhance the efficiency and productivity of our workforce but also building convenient office spaces for our occupier community.”