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UPRERA to Train, Certify Real Estate Agents

Lucknow/ Gautambuddh Nagar: U.P. RERA is commencing training and certification program for real estate agents. The objectives of this activity will result in the form of rising awareness about provisions of RERA Act and U.P. RERA Rules, make them understand the structure of the Regulatory and sensitize them about work model. The impact of whole program will reflect in the form of necessary awareness about order being issued by the Authority and their execution by the agents. Apart from this, this program will bring transparency and answerability in the work of agents which will boost their credibility in the real estate sector.

U.P. RERA Chairman Sanjay Bhoosreddy mentioned that agents in real estate sector are working without any training and certification. This is not healthy for the sector and sometimes we have noticed its adverse impact while hearing of the matters. Presently, there are more than 6700 registered agents and their training and certification is essential to bring transparency and credibility in the real estate sector.

Now onwards, it is mandatory to obtain certificate after training for new agents seeking RERA registration. This condition is applicable for already registered RERA agents and they have been given one year time to acquire training and obtain certificate else their RERA registration will be cancelled.

UP RERA will organize 3 days training program in which agents will be trained about RERA Act 2016, its provisions and compliance, U.P. RERA Rules 2016, regulations, directions being issued by the Authority, role and responsibility of stakeholders, relevant laws to make real estate deals easy with home buyers and promoters, etc. An examination will be held on fourth day and after evaluation, certificates will be distributed to the agents. The first phase of training program will commence from April 2024 from Lucknow.

In the first phase, Real estate agents registered on portal and located in Lucknow should ensure their enrolment immediately. After enrolment, more details about training program will be provided.