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CSR event, Dwarka Half at Vegas mall 

Marathon & Charity Run on World Earth Day New Delhi, April 23, 2023: Vegas Mall organised the 11th Edition of the Dwarka Half Marathon & Charity Run with an ‘Each One Plant One’ motto on April 23, 2023, a day after World Earth Day. Over 1500 participants enthusiastically took part in the Marathon and Charity Run organised by Vegas Mall which promoted the idea of healthy lifestyle and conservation of Earth. The marathon was divided into 6 categories and 24 winners were announced at the end.

An eco-friendly cause was also attached to the event. The participants also planted 1000 saplings in total at the marathon run.

“The 11th edition of the Dwarka Half Marathon & Charity Run was organised under the CSR campaign of Vegas Mall to promote conservation of Mother Earth and awareness through plantation drive. “We were thrilled to attract such diverse participation from kids to youngsters to old men and women in the marathon. Our motive behind organising the marathon run was to further a fitness-centric attitude amongst citizens when people are facing severe health issues due to obesity, corpulence, pollution, and deforestation.” Ravinder Choudhary, AVP, Vegas Mall commented at the event.

Sapling distributions were done after the marathon. Prizes were given to all the participants.