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Vegas Mall organizes ceremony, Dev Diwali

New Delhi: Vegas Mall organized a Dev Diwali ceremony held at the central atrium of the mall, in its effort to recreate the magic of Varanasi ghat worship and continue to celebrate the festivities which commenced with Dussehra. 

The Dev Diwali ceremony began with the presentation of a seraphic ‘Pushpak Viman’, created and executed by hundreds of artisans.
1000 Diyas were lighted to create a divinely enthused spectacle. The patrons of the mall gathered to light diyas and rejoiced in the spiritually charged atmosphere.
The Dev Diwali’s culmination program was the Evening Aarti.

Ravinder Choudhary, AVP, Vegas Mall, said, “This is the second time Vegas Mall organized the Dev Diwali ceremony with the special evening Aarti, resonating with the exact images of Ganga Aarti which are performed at the ghats of Benares with faith and unparalleled devotion. The Dev Diwali was our effort to pay homage to our rich cultural ethos and values. The lively spirit shown by devotees was admirable and there was a mixed attendance from children to adults to older people. We are happy to organise an event of this stature and scale with great participation from across ages.”

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