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Aman Agarwal, Director, KV Developers


Indian real estate sector has captivated a substantial transformation in all its operational wings over the Recent past. Along with the changing trends of demands in the realty market, the buying procedures have also witnessed a subsequent transformation. Today, developers use digital media to build communities of Like-minded individuals to convey transparency through digital platform which costs just one tenth of the Conventional print and OOH (Out of Home) media platforms and still brings 40 to 45 per cent conversions. Due to the dispersed mix of buyers, collaborative negotiation with the developers had not  been a possibility So far. However, in the present day, online portals have facilitated the buyers with the power of bargaining and simultaneously enabled the developers to target a mass of home aspirers without spending much on their outreach activities. Hence, I firmly believe that digital will be future for not only real estate but also other emerging industries.