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Innolia Energy launches Rs 225Cr Mega Project to be India’s first company to integrate Solar, Lithium Battery and EV under a single roof.

Innolia Energy, a US based company, launched a mega project with Rs 225Cr investment in Hyderabad, Telangana establishing manufacturing facilities in Solar Modules, Lithium Battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) markets.
Innolia Energy is a leader in providing a fully integrated top-quality solution in the Solar Power, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle (EV). Leveraging years of developing advanced technology solutions for companies in the US, Innolia Energy’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant (300MW) in India delivers a fully integrated and customizable system solution of Solar Panels, Lithium-Battery and EV Products manufacturing under a single roof.
Innolia’s manufacturing unit is India’s first fully integrated Solar and Lithium Battery pack manufacturing company providing technology integration solutions for general-purpose or application-specific renewable markets. With highly advanced manufacturing plants for both the Solar Panels and Lithium Battery packs, it offers one of the best lines in India for the application market.
Innolia Energy is founded by Mr Arvind Reddy, a technology veteran with over 27 years of experience in the industry working in top Silicon Valley companies such as Altera/Intel/Cirrus Logic/SST/Microchip. As an investor and entrepreneur, he has been involved in successful startups, and is currently focused on developing chip and system-level solutions in the Power and Renewable sectors. His expertise is in Electrical Engineering, and Semiconductor Physics, with Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication from IIT Madras and pursued MS/Ph. D program in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.