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NBCC Ties Up With Bolix of Poland for Adoption of Energy Efficient Etics Solutions Technology


NBCC (India) Ltd. and Bolix, SA of Poland have today, signed a Memorandum of Business Exploration (MOBE) for jointly promoting, developing and adopting External Thermal Insulation and Composite Systems (ETICS) Solutions Technology in construction of highly energy efficient green/smart buildings in India. ETICS Technology is a robust and long lasting building energy performance solution developed to current standards over the last 40 years. It has proven to be highly cost effective, safe for inhabitants living in insulated houses and hugely beneficial for the environment. This technology is already in use in a big way in European countries and the experience suggests that offices, hospitals, hotels, schools etc. built in those countries by using this technology has substantially contributed towards reduction in energy consumption and carbon emission both in cold and hot climatic conditions. ETICS Technology conforms to a set of globally acknowledged standards which also take into account the procedures and installation techniques related with application. These standards were historically established in Europe and now being taken to all parts of the globe.

The system contains components including the basic insulation material (EPS- Expanded Polystyrene Foamor Mineral Wool), layers of adhesive, mechanical fasteners, a reinforced layer with fibre glass mesh, reinforcements and accessories, primers and plasters. Addition of the system to the wall of a structure can create a major impact towards reducing the amount of electricity needed for cooling/heating the interior of the building.

The benefits of using ETICS solution include the following:

  • Electricity consumption reduction (even up to 35% in moderate climates) for cooling/heating
  • Environment protection effect due to the reduction of CO₂ emission and other pollutants arising out of the generation of electricity in thermal power plants/diesel generating sets
  • Improvement of the aesthetics of the building façade
  • Increased comfort, improved microclimate.
  • Extended life of the building and increased weather resistance.
  • ETICS installations typically do not need any cement plastering before application of the installation envelope so this cost too can be saved.
  • Where the source of electricity is diesel generating sets this also implies savings of foreign exchange against crude oil imports.
  • ETICS reduces the fluctuation of surface wall temperatures leading to fewer tendencies to form cracks.
  • It reduces the capital cost of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) costs by downsizing the initial requirement.

The MoBE between NBCC and Bolix shall facilitate import of this technology and its application in India and its neighbouring countries through NBCC which is a Govt. of India Navratna Enterprise and a leader in Indian Construction Industry.  The implementation of this technology shall also hugely support the Government’s ambitious schemes like Make  in India, Housing for all by 2022, Smart Cities, Skill India Programme, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan etc.