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NoBrokerHood – New Security features


NoBrokerHood, an integrated visitor, society, and payment management app by, has included features that ensure that residents are well-equipped to mitigate the risk of catching or spreading infection.

According to a press release, the CovidTracker feature in the app gives details of the containment zones near a society. So, in case, domestic help or a driver is coming from any of the containment zones, residents will be alerted and can choose to deny entry.

The app is also integrated with the AarogyaSetu app that determines the risk status of a visitor by scanning through a database of known cases across the country.

Akhil Gupta, Co-founder, and CTO of NoBroker said: “COVID-19 has disrupted lives by affecting the daily routines and activities. The features that we have integrated are many firsts in a society app and are aimed at solving pain points of society living.”