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Noida Authority to enforce NGT norms for its projects

Noida Authority

The Noida Authority will enforce 17 construction norms, recommended by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), on contractors undertaking its infrastructure projects.

According to a publish report, the 17 provisions will become part of the tender document for the Authority’s projects and contractors will face legal action if any of them are violated.

The move comes as an effort to reduce air pollution in the city as dust from construction activity is major cause of pollution. There are around 300 private contractors working on various projects in Noida.

“Our CEO has issued orders to all departments concerned to implement this directive. Now, private agencies will have to adhere to these guidelines for all new projects allotted by the Noida Authority,” Saumya Srivastava, deputy chief executive officer (DCEO) of the Noida Authority, said.

Contractors undertaking infrastructure projects such as construction and bridge widening will have to abide by these norms.


According to an April 2015 NGT order, a person/builder shall be liable to pay compensation of Rs. 50,000 per violation in relation to construction activity and Rs. 5,000 for transportation of construction material or debris without covering them.

The Authority will cancel the project of a contractor if the guidelines are violated. “A fine will be also be imposed on contractors who do not adhere to these guidelines,” said Srivastava said.

In 2010, guidelines released by the ministry of environment and forest (MoEF) said a realtor, individual or contractor needs to take many precautions during construction activity. Some of the guidelines included protective vegetation around construction site, sprinkling water to settle the dust, use of cleaner fuel in construction machinery and covering of debris with a sheet to prevent dust dispersion at the construction site.

“We are very clear in enforcing MoEF guidelines from 2010. We will seal a realty project if guidelines are not adhered to,” Srivastava said.