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Reinventing RE Sales & Marketing

In this exclusive conversation, we explore the inspiring journey of Blitzkrieg Co with its Founder and director Pankaj Narang, From ground-breaking strategies to facilitating over 900 crores in sales, Blitzkrieg’s story is one of innovation, dedication, and impressive accomplishments. Join us as we uncover the history, key milestones, and visionary insights that have propelled Blitzkrieg’s remarkable success in the real estate industry.

Q. Can you briefly describe Blitzkrieg history and key milestones in its journey?

A. Blitzkrieg Co., with a core vision of providing best in class sales and marketing solutions for tier 2 developers, Blitzkrieg has made significant strides in the real estate sector over the past 2.5 years. During this time, we’ve facilitated over 900 crores in sales for our developer partners. Our journey began with a pivotal project for the Srishti Group, where we revamped their sales and marketing operations, resulting in 350+ crores in sales and the launch of four projects within six months. Another recent success story involved our collaboration with Ashapura Group – Samarth Aura project in Bhandup. By building a good sales office and creating exceptional customer journey, despite the Project at excavation stage, we achieved 50+ bookings in the first three months. We further demonstrated our capabilities by achieving 75% of sales for “The Rising 58” project in Vikhroli in less than eight months. Additionally, we successfully turned around a stuck project in Dombivli West, selling 30 inventories in just five months. Currently, we are actively engaged in projects in Vikhroli, Bhandup, and are recruiting for our upcoming project in Dahisar. We also have two exciting projects in Mulund slated for launch in Q4 2023 and Q2 2024, respectively. Blitzkrieg’s journey is defined by our commitment to empowering developers and building their brand and bridging critical gaps in the real estate market, achieving remarkable results at optimal costs while maintaining a focus on excellence and innovation.

Q. Could you highlight some of the most successful real estate projects Blitzkrieg has been involved with, and the role of sales and marketing in their success?

A. Blitzkrieg has been instrumental in shaping several milestone real estate projects. Notably, “The Rising 58” in Vikhroli by Ashapura Group stands out for its exceptional success. What’s unique is that it achieved 75% sales with minimal marketing spend, less than ₹1,00,000. This feat was made possible by the strong relationships cultivated within the central suburbs market over the past three years, as well as our robust distribution network. Another standout project is “Samarth Aura,” launched in 2022, post-COVID recovery. We introduced the concept of “Blissful Living” to target urban middle-class families seeking a holistic residential experience with over 60 lifestyle amenities. Our “60 Reasons of Blissful Living” campaign was a resounding success, resulting in 50 units sales in just three months. “Samarth Srishti” was designed to appeal to customers residing in smaller buildings (G+4 or G+7), offering a modern tower lifestyle without the burden of high maintenance costs. Addressing the unique challenges of “Srishti Elegance,” situated near a funeral place, we crafted a campaign highlighting “Mumbai Mein Apna Ghar, Woh Bhi Aapke Budget Mein.” This provided a practical solution and breathed new life into the project. These examples underscore Blitzkrieg’s ability to adapt marketing strategies and leverage strong relationships and distribution networks to achieve outstanding results in various real estate ventures.


Q. What current industry trends or market dynamics are influencing the strategies used for real estate sales and marketing?

A. Real estate sales and marketing have undergone a significant evolution in recent years. Gone are the days when developers simply set up a table and chair, with customers queuing up to hand over cheques. The transformation in consumer behaviour and preferences, driven by the rise of lifestyle changes and the proliferation of High Street and malls over the past two decades, has redefined the real estate industry. Today’s customers seek experiences, and real estate sales have adapted to encompass elements of retail and hospitality. It’s no longer just about selling a property; it’s about creating an immersive real estate experience for prospective buyers. This shift has prompted a change in marketing strategies. Initially, real estate heavily relied on print advertising, but as consumer habits evolved, the focus shifted to the digital realm. Interacting and engaging with customers in the digital space and creating content that resonates with them have become pivotal strategies. Customer engagement is now at the heart of the game. With customers becoming increasingly savvy and discerning, the way real estate products are designed has also transformed. Today’s Indian real estate customers are well-informed and have a clear understanding of their home preferences. 

The digital age has played a crucial role in this evolution, with all project-related information readily available online. Therefore, the ability to engage with customers digitally has become a crucial aspect of the real estate industry. This marks a beautiful evolution in Indian real estate, reflecting the sophisticated and informed nature of today’s homebuyers.

Q. How does Blitzkrieg stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changes in the real estate market?

A. We are perpetual students of consumer buying behaviour, relentlessly monitoring evolving consumption patterns. Operating in the B2C industry, our success hinges on a deep understanding of our consumers and how their behaviours change. This ongoing learning has been instrumental in our journey, and we remain committed to being perpetual students.


To thrive in a world where technology adoption is widespread, we continually upgrade our knowledge and skills. We explore emerging technologies to enhance the consumer experience. Embracing change is not just a motto; it’s a necessity. Change drives innovation and opens new avenues in our industry.

As a company, we prioritize flexibility, ensuring our ability to swiftly adapt to evolving behaviours and offer an improved consumer experience. Personally, as an engineer and tech enthusiast, I eagerly embrace new technologies that can revolutionize real estate sales and marketing. Change is not merely good; it’s imperative for pushing the boundaries and delivering a better future for our consumers.

Q. Could you share some of the innovative sales and marketing approaches that Blitzkrieg employs to attract potential buyers and investors?

A. In the real estate industry, fostering strong relationships is key. We prioritize our distribution network, which drives 60-70% of consumption, through innovation and inspiration. Gamification adds an engaging element. Technology is a core tool for customer acquisition, as we stay updated on consumer trends and new applications/technology to enhance engagement. In the dynamic real estate world, our focus on relationships and technology drives our success.

Q. How does the company maintain trust and transparency in its sales transactions, and how is this reflected in its marketing efforts?


A. Transparency is our foundation, setting us apart in the real estate industry. We offer a 100% refund for cancellations within 30 days, believing in building homes over collecting booking amounts. Our clear communication with customers, featuring comprehensive disclaimers, has fostered trust and transparency. This approach has garnered 25-30% of our business from referrals. Timely payments to channel partners are crucial for successful associations. This trust and transparency have enabled us to maintain remarkably low marketing expenditures, consistently staying under 1% across all our projects.

 Q. What future initiatives or strategies is Blitzkrieg planning to enhance its sales and marketing efforts in the real estate sector?

A. Embracing technology is paramount, and enhancing consumer engagement through the digital ecosystem is our focus. In comparison to industries like banking and finance, real estate tech is in need of more disruption. We’re actively seeking innovative startups in real estate that can not only improve sales but also enhance convenience for customers. We remain on the lookout for technology companies offering real estate solutions.

Q. How do you envision the role of sales and marketing advisors evolving within the company over the next few years?

A. We firmly believe that sales and marketing advisors should operate from the project sites, not corporate offices. The real insights come from interacting with customers on-site, enabling us to create superior products and sales offerings. The real estate industry has transitioned into a product-driven business, and our success hinges on delivering the best possible product to our customers. To achieve this, we must understand their evolving needs and changing lifestyles, and make them our starting point.


Our sales and marketing advisors must stay flexible, ready to embrace new practices, processes, and technologies. As seen during the pandemic, we swiftly adapted to tools like Zoom and Google Meet for project presentations. Continuous learning is crucial; when learning stops, so does growth. It’s imperative for sales and marketing advisors to remain agile, tech-savvy, and committed to ongoing improvement to stay relevant in the ever-evolving industry.

Q.  Anything else you would like to add? 

A. Indian real estate currently contributes 7.3% to the country’s GDP, and according to reports and growth projections, it is poised to make a substantial impact. By 2047, the real estate sector is expected to contribute approximately $5.8 trillion, translating to 15.5% of India’s GDP. This promising trajectory indicates that the best days lie ahead. By adhering to fundamental principles, focusing on quality products, and unwavering commitment to timely delivery, Indian Real Estate is primed to achieve these remarkable numbers. The potential for growth and success in the industry is substantial.