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SAIL Seminar on Structural Steel Sections from New Mills


SAIL Seminar on Structural Steel Sections from New Mills

 Parallel Flange Beams are used worldwide for innovative, green construction

Parallel Flange Beams, with higher load-bearing capacity, section modulus and bending strength, are used worldwide in innovative and green building construction as they are convenient to fabricate and economical due to savings in weight.

As part of its modernisation & expansion programme, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has installed ultra-modern rolling mills at its IISCO Steel Plant (ISP) and Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) which produce such Parallel Flange Beams. The state-of-the-art Universal Section Mill at ISP, Burnpur and the Medium Structural Mill at DSP, Durgapur are capable of producing, respectively, 0.85 million tonnes and 1 million tonnes of world-class Structural steel products including Parallel Flange Beams, Joists, Channels and Angles, primarily used by the infrastructure and construction segments.

The Central Marketing Organisation (CMO) of SAIL organised a seminar at Hotel Crown in Bhubaneswar on 12th Sept 2017 on the theme ‘New Challenges in Steel Design & Construction’ to showcase the wide-ranging applicability of the Structural sections being produced by the new mills. Leading companies such as NTPC and BHEL have been sourcing their requirement of Structural steel from SAIL’s new mills.


The seminar was attended by a large number of designers and engineers of reputed organisations such as OPTCL, OCC Ltd., MECON, etc., State PWD, and other leading professionals from the construction industry. CEO, DSP Shri AK Rath, ED (Marketing), CMO/SAIL Shri B. Chongdar and other senior officials of SAIL participated in the seminar.

The advantages of design and construction using SAIL Structurals were presented at the seminar by Shri AK Arora, Product Manager (Structurals), CMO and Shri Ranga Rao of SAIL’s Centre for Engineering & Technology, Ranchi. Shri MM Ghosh of the Institute for Steel Development & Growth spoke about the benefits of Parallel Flange Beams vis-à-vis residual stress created during welding in plated girder.