Blessing of Ganesha:Forecast for JUNE15,2017 to JULY14,2017


Aries: Ganesha says where you sought earlier to improve things formankind in general, you now turn your attention closer to home,infact, towards improvement of home per se (as much). Decoration,renovation, acquisition, construction may all happen. There may be huge expenses – not all anticipated, either. But you have the desireto fulfill demands made on you by family and loved ones, and you find ways and means to do so.

Taurus: Once again, the money angle is good. In fact, it hasn’t beenbad for quite some period now, but there have been spiraling expenses. Your work is now paying you marvellously and you are eagerto attack work, anyway. You get perks, bonuses, cash awards, as wellas greater status and recognition. A truly wonderful trend for theperiod! Richly deserved, adds Ganesha!

Gemini: Now that finances are well in hand, you have the time to thinkof how you can be of help to the people in your life, other than family and those you love. Your colleagues, subordinates, co-workersfind you sympathetic, committed, cooperative. It is another matter that this brings out their best efforts, so that work is accomplished,targets and deadlines met. That’s not why you do it. You’re in a mood to fulfill expectations.

Cancer: Yet again, Ganesha grants you ease, comfort, smoothness inboth the money and work angles. Projects, proposals, plans go throughwithout a hitch, almost, owing to your far greater confidence inyourself. You may feel that you have not devoted enough time to yourpersonal equations, to your lover/spouse/mate. You now set out tomake amends – with much flair and tenderness.

Leo: You feel that nothing is more important than your own family andthat there’s nothing you won’t do for them. Parents, children,relatives, neighbours, friends – you have time and tenderness enoughfor them all. You are also willing to lavish money on them, theirrequirements, necessities and entertainments. All in the interests ofdrawing the family closer still. Ganesha approves greatly!