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Construction utility services forum FOCUS launched


Forum of Critical Utility Services (FOCUS), a neo construction sector federation, was launched through a virtual event on October 26.

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Niranjan Hiranandani, Co-Founder & MD of NiranjanHiranandani Group, said “thrust should be given for a total environment- friendly structure with minimum usage of the various utilities along with critically controlling the price factor. This is all the more relevant in the wake of the current global coronavirus pandemic situation.”

He stressed upon the long-awaited need for such a body and pledged his support to its President V Suresh and members.

Suresh described FOCUS as coming together of all the vital branches of the building construction industry to design, create, execute, deliver and maintain its critical utilities. The launch of this institution is being touted as a global Initiative.

The bodies that are set to work together as a single unit on FOCUS platform are those belonging to the fields of architecture, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, safety, fire, security, illumination, vertical transportation, IBMS & IT, solid waste management and facility management.

Speaking earlier on the occasion, Suresh stressed the need for strict adherence to quality norms as per international standards. “That would help us not only in better delivery within the country but at the same time help us in securing overseas business”, he said.