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Nasaka unveils exciting new range of water purifiers to assure good health and better immunity for the users

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New Delhi, 15th November 2017: Nasaka, the leading water purifiers manufacturing brand has announced the launch of unmatched range of immunity boosting water purifiers which include Lotus S1, Lotus N1, Cosmos S1, Cosmos N1, Tulip S1, Tulip S2, Tulip N1 and Tulip N2. Aesthetically designed these water purifiers have multiple purification stages. Studded with futuristic OrpH+ technology, these immunity boosting water purifiers also add the vital minerals apart from maintaining ORP and pH level of water, thereby assuring good health and better immunity for the users.This also enhances the taste of the water making one drink more water every time.

It is a well-known fact that loss of essential minerals and the oxidation process during RO water purification makes the RO purified water acidic in nature. The so called 100% RO purified water actually becomes unhealthy and the cause for many diseases. Nasaka on the other hand uses revolutionary OrpH+technology in its water purifiers for purifying water.

The NSF certified Antioxidant cartridge used in this technology ensures the release of genuinely required essential minerals in the water, maintains ORP and pH levels of water, making it as good as naturally emerging water from the springs, which is safe and healthy.
Unlike the other RO based water purifiers, Nasaka water purifiers are 100% health oriented which is a major USP of this product. Water plays a critical and complex role in the health of human beings as the body of an adult contains 60% water while the body of a newborn is composed of 75% of water. Hence drinking healthy and pure water is really important for better and healthy living. The reason why, Nasaka has come up with new range of immunity boosting water purifiers, which have been thoughtfully designed to improve the quality of water, so that you and your loved ones can drink pure water and stay healthy.
The major USPs and benefits of new range of immunity boosting water purifiers by Nasaka are as following:

· Multiple purification stages

· Unique design to save counter space and add to the overall outlook of the interior


· Intelligent LEDs for timely indication of the replacement of filter cartridges

· 100% Pure and healthy water with essential minerals having a balanced pH

· Suitable for Purification of Brackish, Tap & Municipal water

· Wall mountable

· RO+UV+UF+OrpH+


· Large tank capacity ranging from 8 Litres to 13 Liters

· 400+ service points

Priced between Rs. 11, 490/(MRP)- Rs. 19,990 (MRP) Nasaka water purifiers are available all across India. During current festivity time till 31st Dec’17, Nasaka is offering to its customers Free gifts, extended warranties and Exchange offer.