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Septic Tank and Vastu

vastu for tanks

Location for the Septic tank:

Best location for septic tank is northwest but it should not be touching the north wall, that means it can be made in NW but towards the western side. Starting from northwest septic tank can come till middle of west. Although best is towards NW only. Another good location for septic tank is the space between middle of East and Southeast and in this case septic tank should not be touching the east wall and should be more towards south wall. Incase there are stairs in northwest then septic tank can undoubtedly come under it. Septic tank should be completely avoided in Northeast direction. If it is coming in East of southeast then ensure that it is not coming exactly outside the kitchen, you would not want to cook food while facing the septic tank and if somehow it is coming right in front of kitchen, then ensure that it is sealed properly and no foul smell is coming out of it.

tank bastu

Movement of sewer line:

Avoid Brahamsthan. Considering that toilets are in northwest, west and south, sewerage tank pipes will move from south to west to northwest. However, if septic tank is in middle of east and southeast then sewer pipes can either go from northwest to west, to south to East-SE or it can move straight from northwest/west to east-southeast but Brahamsthan should be avoided. Look at the red line explaining the same. While moving the sewar pipe from west to south to southeast ensure that it is not coming under bed or gas stove.


Depth of sewer tank has no vastu rule as such but it should not be deeper than the foundation of the house. Shape of the septic tank is best to be circle and then comes square & rectangle. Circle shape is best because in absence of corners, it is easier to clean it thoroughly.


Can septic tank touch boundary wall?

Even if it is south or west wall, septic tank should never touch any of the boundary wall. Reason being, septic tank is prone to drop away with time and if it is touching the boundary wall, it may develop cracks and damage the structure of the house, in case boundary wall is connected to the house.

What if septic tank is made in wrong direction?

One thing that will take care of septic tank in wrong direction is to burry a thick copper wire around the septic tank and cover it up with green grass or paint or green plants.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)