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Enhance your fortune with Vastu in 2016


I have already been enchanted at the likelihood of one more day, a fresh endeavor, one more start, with perhaps a touch of charm holding up some spot behind the morning. The beginning of every year carries with it the open door and the motivation to make another start. Some bit of the joy that runs as an inseparable unit with every day of the year is the positive believing that starting by and by is possible and the conviction that new beginnings can make new and compelling conclusions.

The New Year 2016 has arrived and it’s the perfect time to discard some old negative conduct designs and take a promise of driving a strong, rich and upbeat life. Achievement and favourable circumstances doesn’t come pounding; rather it asks for an extensive measure of industrious work, favouring and clearly a little change in Vastu in your surroundings.

Our ancient sages set out specific standards, taking after which, mankind could upgrade its method for living. In the event that took after accurately and religiously, these standards confirm advantages and peace in our lives. The sages got to be mindful that the main way mankind could profit by nature and cosmic vitality is, to be as per it.

Consequently, was conceived Vastu Shastra, an old science that was gotten from laws of nature. As per Vastu Shastra, the world is represented by the Sun, Moon, Earth, the nine planets, attractive waves and the five components to be specific air, water, earth, space and fire. It is the ideal agreement among all these grandiose energies that encourage people to lead a prosperous life. On the off chance that these grandiose energies are not in parity, they can pull in a ton of misfortune in all circles of life.

Here are some basic and easy tips that can give you good-luck and make your 2016 more prosper.


=It is important that what you first see is beautiful and enlightening, such as a painting, fountain or something visually elevating. Make that first eye contact a powerful and beautiful impression for yourself.

=In your office, you should always sit with a solid wall behind your back and as far from the gate as possible to have support from boss, colleagues and friends.

=In your office, having a gate, window or glass behind the seat can lead to treachery. In such a situation, one should put up a picture of high
mountains without water in the south-west of cabin.

=Blocking of the North-East (Ishan) portion of the house/industry restricts the inflow of the blessings of God. It leads to tension, quarrel and insufficient growth ofthe inhabitants.

=There should not be three or more doorways in a straight line. Having improper position of the entrance/obstruction in front of the gate can reduce the prosperity to a great extent.


=Have the name and number plate of your house on main entrance to enable the opportunities to trace you easily. It is a good idea to give a NAME to the residential or commercial space.

=Do not complain all the time as this will create Negative Energy. Always remember that millions of people cannot even dream the facilities and comforts that you have easily got in life.

=For better harmony and everlasting personal relationship always prefer a double bed with single mattress; since the normally used double mattresses creates a symbolic separation that could become real.

=Never sit with your back facing main door. This can cause back-biting, deceit, betrayal in life. Unwanted guest may be given such seat.

=Never keep unrepaired device like watch, television, radio, telephone, mixer, spoiled ball pens, cassettes etc. in the house. This will create negative energy resulting into stagnancy and disharmony in the house.


=Check the doorbell sound. If it sounds irritating, family members will be short tempered. If it sounds dull, energy level of the house will be low. Hence, the doorbell sound should be soft and pleasing.

=If you want to live a healthy life then remove medicine from kitchen and shift to living room or in the worship room.

=Check if any marble or tile is broken in your house or office. This could result into broken relationship with family member or partner or customers. Put carpet to cover the broken marble or tiles.

=For potential client in business, place your address book on North-West corner of the desk. Install six rods of yellow or golden metallic wind-chime in North-West area of your workplace.

=Underground water body should be in the north, east or north-east of the plot. Having an underground water body in the south-easVsouth position of the house can cause harm to family members of the owner.


=For better studies of your children, put crystal on North East corner of the study table. Keeping education tower on study table and Installing a five-rod wooden wind chime in the eastern zone is also very helpful.

=To retain money in your house, put a three-leg frog facing its back to the main door for better saving. =For better foreign contacts, put globe on North-West corner to get better overseas opportunities and rotate it at least three times in a day in clockwise direction.

=For better marriage prospects, keep crystals of Rose Quartz along with a pair of Mandarin ducks in South West corner of bedroom. Keeping a picture of Radha Krishana also helps in getting a suitable spouse.

=For better sales of your products, stick three copper coins tied with red ribbon on sales file or invoice book or order book.

=If any big tree facing your main door or window, could result into poor health of family members. Place convex mirror and pyramids on the outer wall facing that tree.