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Vastu Tips for good health

Vastu Tips for good health

Healthy house makes healthy inmates. A healthy person staying in a sick house is surely going to face health issues sooner or later, but if the house and environment within the house is vital, even a sick person starts to feel better in no time. Vastu provides a clear roadmap of “How to maintain a healthy house” for a healthy life. Health here is not just the physical health but mental health as well. Here are few very effective tips which can lead to good health of family and can prevent the unwanted expenditure which is incurred on curing the illness caused by a sick home. Vastu is not magic, following vastu tips just for a couple of days or for a few weeks may bring temporary results or may not bring any results at all but for someone looking for overall health, peace and prosperity, should make vastu a “way of living”.

  1. Free your house from cobwebs:

There is an idom “Your head is full of cobwebs” which means mind is clogged, hazy, and confused, which needs to be cleared to have a clear vision and clarity of thoughts. When mind is not in a healthy state, a person tends to get trapped in the web of problems which sometime leads to financial losses or personal pains. That is why it is said that cobwebs bring poverty & debt. Also, cobwebs accumulate lot of dust and dead insects, which is not a positive site to look at & spreads negativity. Dust and cobwebs are few of the most negative things in vastu, which drains off all the positivity of a house. Another way to look at it is that, cobwebs in the house means the residents are too lazy to keep their house clean and this can evidently describe the success rate of those people in their personal and professional lives.

  • Cracks on walls or damaged walls:

The most practical reason for considering cracks negative in vastu is that unattended cracks can only lead to severe damage to the building’s wall and sometimes to its foundation, which may even become irreparable after sometime. Whenever a crack is seen, it should be treated immediately, so that expenditure in minimal, instead of spending a huge amount at an advanced stage. Secondly, plants like fig and peepal are grown in cracks and none of them is considered positive to be grown inside a house. Thirdly, cracks are breeding ground for all the insects, which can cause hygiene issues, spread infections and you may not want them to accompany you in your room, toilet or kitchen.

  • Chipped floor:

One of the reasons for accidents happening at home is the unbalanced or chipped flooring. Fractures, tissue rupture is quite common in the houses where there is issue with the flooring, and these health issues will surely cause increased money outflow.

  • Broken doors and windows:

Keep all the windows and doors well-greased so that there is no screeching sound while opening or closing them. This can be a cause of restlessness, stress and anxiety in inmates. Another reason to replace the broken window or door immediately is that, it may cause minor accidents like tripping, bruising etc. Thirdly, if windows and doors are not well greased and makes uncanny sounds then it may make you irritated & sometimes frightened as well, which harms a human aura almost instantly and over a period of time person starts to feel tired because of lack of energy.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)