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Effective utilisation of South-East zone

Vastu Directions

There are so many misperceptions, myths and muddles related to south east area of a house. It’s a general understanding that having a kitchen in South-East of a house is the only way to harness and balance the fire element and its associated energy. However, fact is that hob/stove/chulha/gas or whatsoever you may call it, is not the only source of fire. There are so many other things which signify fire in some or the other form and can be easily placed in southeast. Hence, kitchen is not the only possibility we have to balance southeast. Let us now discuss what all can we have in South-East area of house:

Drawing room: Do you have a kitchen placed in northwest direction and now wondering what to do with the vacant southeast side? Do not be apprehensive about having a living room or a drawing room in southeast direction of the house. Although Northwest is best preferred place for living room but having it in South-East is not a Vastu flaw at all. Go ahead and make one with few tinges of reds here and there.

vastu 1

Gym- A place to work-out and burn calories can be designed in the southeast portion of the house. Since most of the machines work on electricity, SE is the best place to make the gym. Place all the heavy machineries on southern and western walls and mirrors to be fixed on east and north wall.

vastu 2

Home theatre- Another area of the house where heavy volt electricity is used, hence southeast is an appropriate place to make a home theater. Screen should be fixed on north/east wall and audio circuit board, amplifier kit etc. towards south/west.

Vastu 3

Guest bedroom – Guest comes and goes, if at all he has to stay, then it would be for a few days or may be for a week or two. Energies takes time to start impacting. Southeast, the direction of fire tends to bring aggression and anger but only over a period of substantial time. Somebody staying in this room for few days is not going to be affected with the fire element so having a guest room in South-East is a good idea.


Vastu 4

Minibar – Creative and luring Interior designing trends setting in today are giving wings of desires to clients. One of such lurking desire is to have a mini bar and whosoever can afford it wants it to be an in-house attraction. Again, South-East is the location which is suitable to have a bar, northwest being another best location. Planet which rules southeast direction is Venus, which is also associated with passion, luxury, glare, glamour, fun, frolic and materialistic things, gives a go ahead to have a bar in the south east direction.

Vastu 5

Walk-in closet – Having a toilet in southeast is not recommended but if it is made towards the south, then we can easily utilise South-East area to make a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room again with some traces of reds.

Vastu 6

Dr Aarushi(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)

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