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Vastu tips for buying your house during the COVID pandemic


For any family or individual, buying a house is like spending entire life’s saving on it. For most of the people, it is one time buying. Sometimes pricing of the property goes beyond their affordability but with a hope to have a blessed, happy and wholesome life, they don’t mind going that extra mile to arrange funds. But, what if a small negligence in weighing the pros and cons of the construction of the house, costs someone his peace of mind, poor health, financial loses etc.

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With the pandemic setting in new trends, change can be seen in the way builders are projecting their sites. Everything is done online. People are also preferring shortlisting houses digitally than to visit each and every site. Builder claims every flat to be Vastu-complaint and this is where, a client has to be careful and not to fall for wrong claims. Placement of each and every portion of construction as per four cardinal directions is the most important component of Vastu. Subsequently, personal visit to the final site is important but while initially shortlisting the houses digitally, client should keep following things in mind:

–        Look for compass/directions on the map/layout, given by the builder and cross check directions on Google Earth. Although there will not be a drastic change in direction but there could be some deviation, which has to be taken into consideration to have an accurate reading of placement of things in house.

–        Main entry should be somewhere between north and east with of course enough light and openness in front of the main door.

–        Master bedroom should either be in south, west or somewhere between southwest. Servant room should strictly be not there in any of the mentioned directions.


–        One of the rooms should be between north and west, which could be allocated to kids.

–        Toilets should be avoided completely in northeast and southwest. However bathing area in northeast is not a problem.

–        Preferably every house should either be a square or a rectangle however it is difficult to get such flats. At least avoid cuts in northeast, east and north directions.

–        Kitchen should preferably be in southeast or east and never in southwest or northeast.

–        Having a balcony in east and north is like icing on the cake.


–        Look for a house with vacant Brahamsthan ie center of the house. In flats, it is observed that Brahamsthan is occupied by common toilets, which is a Vastu dosha.

–        With the trend of work from home, most of the employees are setting up office at home, so for them, it is important to look for a separate room in south or southwest.

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A house made as per Vastu principle promises overall wellness. In an apartment, each floor typically has four or more flats, with entry door in east, west, north, south or at the conjunction of these directions. On each floor two flats will be about 80-90 per cent Vastu-compliant and two will either not be compliant or will be about 30-40 per cent Vastu- complaint. Now the person who is aware of the benefits of Vastu will opt for main door in east or north and enjoy the bliss whereas the ignorant client will end up paying same amount of money for the same floor, same facilities, same area but will still not be enjoying the benefits a Vastu-compliant house offers. Be wise and choose a house complying Vastu rules.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)