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Placement of articles as per Vastu zones

Dr Aarushi

Every single thing- living or non-living, vibrates at a specific frequency. In Vastu Shastra, energies of five elements are well-adjusted in a premise with the use of specific articles, based on the energies released by them. Vastu prescribed articles act as a source of positivity and keep continuity in the energy inflow. However, important is the placement of articles. Everything we bring in our abode encompasses one of the five elements, be it a glass object, metal item, electronics, painting, wall art, or wooden décor etc. and it is imperative to place them in the area, it belongs too.

Symbolically every article supports a component of nature and placing it in wrong direction means creating a chaos of energies at home, which may impact mental & physical health of the family members. Here are the tips for keeping few common articles, which are often used by people to décor their house.

Northeast Zone – Owned by Lord himself, this zone can have pictures, paintings and idols of God. Although not too many of them are suggested to be placed.

North Zone and East Zone – Dominated by water element, these two zones are best tovastu keep an aquarium, a fountain or any decorative item having water in it. North and East zones are also best suitable to have mirror decor. North being the wealth area of premises can be adorned with lot of greens in form of plants or paintings.

Southeast Zone – Known as the direction of fire should have décor items like table lamps, red vases and flowers, pictures/paintings with red frames, decorative candles etc. This zone can also be dedicated to gym equipment, video gaming consoles, mobiles and telephones.

South Zone- Recognised as the direction offering stability. What could be more stable than earth, soil and land. To enhance energies of South zone, decorate it with pictures, paintings, miniatures of mountains, high rise buildings, tall trees. Brown colour represents earth, so having brown frames for paintings, pictures, cabinets here is a good idea to support energies of this area.


Southwest Zone– It’s a zone of relationships. You may decorate this area with family pictures. Couple pictures are best suited to this direction. Wooden and earthen articles in this zone are considered to bring stability and longevity in relations.

West Zone– Another best place to keep God’s pictures/idol! Since West zone is associated with planet Saturn and metal iron, using metallic items here brings positivity in the house.

Northwest Zone – Air corner is the zone of opportunities and support from family and friends. Energies of this zone can be enhanced with the use of metallic. Windchimes and conch-shells are good options for northwest. You may also use pictures and paintings representing air or breeze.

Thoughtful change in the placement of artifacts and decor that you may already have in your house is going to create a visible change in the positive energy of house.

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