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What the stars foretell for New Year 2021

Rahul Sharma

Aries – Planet Mars is the lord of Aries, the year 2021 will be very positive for your career and profession. Natives with Aries zodiac may start some new venture. Please be watchful of your eyesight issue and blood-related disorders. You are advised to stay calm and control your anger, as you will have a tendency to become angry unreasonably.

Taurus – Venus is the lord of this Rashi, The year 2021 will bless you with good health. However, stress and tensions will prevail. Stay careful in your partnerships. The relationship with business/life partner may become bitter.

Gemini – Mercury is the lord of this Rashi, The year 2021 is favouring lot of journeys. The year will be prosperous for natives involved in legal, banking, accounting and writing profession. Be watchful of stomach-related ailments.

Cancer –   Planet Moon is the lord of this Rashi, Your love life or marriage plans would see good days through this year. The year 2021 is good from career perspective but make sure you do not leave any projects/tasks incomplete. Kids may face issues in studies.

Leo – Sun is the lord of this Rashi. Prediction reveals that your blocked money is likely to help you; be careful in your financial and business related transactions as this is not a favourable period for raising any loan/funding to your business associates. Happiness and prosperity in the family will prevail but small issues may also occur. There are good chances for travelling abroad this year.


Virgo – Mercury is the lord of this Rashi. The year 2021 for Virgo natives will bring happiness for those couples who wish to conceive a child. Students under Virgo zodiac sign are likely to attain success in their goals. This year does not hold any prominent promise for any personal journeys/travel.

Libra – Venus is the lord of this Rashi. The year 2021 will be prosperous for those Librans planning to buy a property; they can achieve the desired results. Be watchful of your speech and expenses; you may be troubled by some unwanted expenses through travel and shopping.

Scorpio – Mars is the lord of this Rashi. The year may bring mixed results; your earnings may be moderate compared to your efforts. You are advised to remain careful of your health and control your anger. The year will be good for those who are employed or doing their own business.

Sagittarius – Jupiter is the lord of this Rashi. The financial position would remain stable but you are advised not to lend money this year. Be careful as secret enemies may try to undermine your prospects seriously. The year will be more progressive with regard to health and fitness. For Sagittarians, 2021 will bring prosperity, success, and fortune across the year.

Capricorn – Saturn is the lord of this Rashi. The year 2021 is likely to be good for students; returns of your hard work will be paid off especially for those studying engineering. Make sure the projects and decisions you take this year are followed by actions. The year would be better for you from health perspective.


Aquarius – Saturn is the lord of this Rashi.  The year 2021 will earn a solid financial contribution for Aquarians, especially those involved in property, land, infrastructure, finance and travelling business. People affected with thyroid and diabetes are advised to take extra precautions about their health. Those thinking of changing their jobs will incur favourable results.

Pisces – Jupiter is the lord of this Rashi. The year 2021 will prove to be prosperous for employed natives; they will get favoured by luck. So, continue making best efforts. New associations and friendships may be formed this year. Probability exists that your important work and project would be delayed. You are advised to control your anger, respect your elders and teachers.

(The author is a Delhi-based Astrologer. He can be reached at 8800173995 or