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Blessings Of Ganesha : 2014

Bejan Daruwalla











Aries : This year is good for you in over all aspects of life. You will be able to get good profits and benefits in this year in regard to any kind of property matters that you are involved in.

Taurus : You will be facing some ups and downs in this year. You will not get good benefits if you are selling any property this year. However, might be possible that you may get good benefits if  you lease the property.


Gemini : This is year of great profit and punitiveness. You will be able to buy new property this year and finally all your dreams will get fulfilled. In short I say this is a dream fulfillment year for you.

Leo : According to me, you are likely to get a chance to sell your house in a good amount and you will also be able to make new office and home both in this year.

Virgo : You will be able to shift to new office this year. After working in rented office, finally you will be able to buy your own office and your life is on the whole happy in this year.

Cancer : In this year you will be able to shift to your new home. This is a year in which you will be able to clear all the difficulties coming your way and finally you will be able to shift.

Libra : After many struggles you will be finally able to clear all the obstacles coming in your way and will be able to sell the land that you are having. You will be able to make good amount of money.


Scorpio : In this year you need to do the market research and then take any step in taking any decision regarding the property matters that you are involved in. Finally you will reach the goal.

Sagittarius : Always be loyal to the people is the mantra which I give to you. If you will be loyal than automatically all your problems will be cleared and you will be able to make good money with the property that you have.

Capricorn : People say that whatever is written in your destiny is surely going to happen. But I say that you should keep focus on the property that you have. Automatically your wishes will be fulfilled.

Aquarius : I suggest you to do both smart and hard work. If you will follow the same that all the difficulties coming in your way will go away. You will be the master of yourself. Happy time for the property related matters.

Pisces :  This is a year full of happiness and joy. By the end of this year you will be able to do the renovation work and also sell your property by the end of this year. Your life will be on the whole happy.


Astrology TRIVIA
Until the birth of Christianity, astrology thrived in much of Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. Even when the Christian emperor Constantine proclaimed astrology “demonic” in 333 AD, it continued to be studied closely in Islamic lands. Arab astrologers worked in observatories at such places as Samarquand and Maragha in Azerbaijan to make significant advances in the field.
Western astrology did not return to popularity again until Nostradamus published his infamous book of prophecies in 1555 AD. He received the patronage of two renowned queens, Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici.
One of the world’s oldest horoscopes was cast for a baby born on April 29, 410 BC in Mesopotamia.