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Forecast For July 15, 2018 To August 14, 2018

Bejan Daruwala

aries Ganesha says there is a semblance of stability. You have emerged from the maze of the mind. You realise that a lot of time has been wasted in your shenanigans and you need to get cracking. ‘When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,’ noted Arthur Conan Doyle, physician and writer. You now work with whatever remains. You get down to the hard slog of making a living.

taurus The heat is on in more ways than one. There is fire in your belly and you are steaming away. There could be travel, and new vistas opening. You may meet with someone from an entirely different culture and form a profound bond. ‘People don’t notice whether it is winter or summer when they are happy,’ said Anton Chekov. Right on! The subcontinent is heating like an oven but this doesn’t get to you even if you live in my backyard.

gemini You are busy with domestic issues. The health of elders could be a cause of concern. If you are living with an elderly parent, hospitalization may be necessary. Your health too may need to be scanned. You meet up with friends and loved ones and bask in the comfort of familiarity. I must mention here that all influences have many sides to them. What manifests depends on the personal horoscope. These are mere indicators. I wish you well. So does Ganesha.

cancer You are bogged down by life. Yes, life can be tough, even cruel. You want excitement in your life. You want to do new things, live and love large. There could be foreign travel. Some of you may even seriously consider emigration. A new breeze flows in through the windows left open. There are many options. Use your free will and instinct to choose the right one. Ganesha is pleased.

leo This is a profitable phase for creative pursuits. Those in the media are crowned with success. Your mind plays tricks, but if you use its offbeat aroma, miracles may happen. This is a great chance to step out of your comfort zone and chase new trails. You could go backpacking to unusual locales and check out the many wonders of the world you inhabit. You also lend a shoulder to others to lean on. People come to you with their sob stories and you patiently hear them out.

virgo This period is ripe with opportunities. Make the most of it. Like the Bard said, ‘Take the tide at the flood.’ There are expenses and heightened passions. Someone you meet at a party or gatherings leaves you breathless and panting. This may not be love, and shouldn’t be confused with a normal longing of the flesh. Ask me. I know, having lived over eight decades on this planet. This is a great period for those in realty and stocks.

libraYou are high on energy. You also display your charm, and captivate one and all. You are at your irresistible best. You dazzle. There is love and longing and you play the field. There are fun times and festivities, possibly an addition to the family. Pet lovers may bring home an exotic creature. There could be engagements and weddings, fun, frolic and festivities. You live in the ‘now’ and that is the key. Enjoy, says Ganesha.

scorpio You broaden your scope of work. There are new ventures in the offing. You sign on the dotted line. Money flows through your fingers as silky smooth as water in the desert. But it is not money asted. You are savvy and crafty and negotiate giant deals in your favour. You look through every detail with a magnifying glass, armed with a team of legal and fiscal experts. You cannot go wrong. There are powerful ego drives too, but remember that life can turn on its head in a jiffy.

sagittarius Expenses continue. You may purchase exquisite works of art. You may even invest in a country home. You are in full flow, like a flamingo in flight across the blue yonder. Your actions are also tempered by kindness. You help out the less fortunate and volunteer in hospices and halfway houses. The universe has sent you the message of humility. You touch all your ventures with it, along with the sweet aroma of gratitude.

capricorn You are networking like there is no tomorrow. You reach out to people and places. Even elders play with the modern marvels of communication. There are gatherings, festive times and travel. You may go solo just to test the waters. You are filled with bravado and will attempt anything. You are warned that you may get scorched by newness but that doesn’t deter you.

aquarius There is more stability now, though I must warn you that tendencies from one period often spill over into the next. You get down to the hard slog. There is work, and money to be made and you sense the opportunities. You may also go in for a complete sartorial makeover. You could also get a new hairdo and simply transform yourself. You want to reinvent yourself and do the tango with life. The home and heart are also calling. And you are not one to shirk from responsibilities. Ganesha applauds.

pisces You could well be in for a new job, business expansion and more money and perks. On the personal front, you could take your love to the altar. There could be indulgences, and a roll of fat around your waist. Need I say more? The compatibility of partners and also the type of life the individual will lead are judged from the placement of stars in the horoscope. In human beings, this attractive force manifests as love and beauty.