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Forecast For March 15, 2018 To April 14, 2018


aries Ganesha says as the period dawns, your attention will be drawn towards laying strong foundations for your finances. Though you are in a stable financial position, you realise that you need to make more money and make your family more secure. Dig the well before you need the water – this proverb could aptly describe your mindset as you explore investment options that will give you lucrative returns.

bejan daruwala

taurus You continue to make determined efforts towards strengthening your financial position, and explore every investment opportunity. You are generally restless and are always on the lookout for action of some kind. Travelling for work/higher studies/business is a possibility this period. You are always open to learning new strategies that could help you in your career and yet also indulge in play in equal measure. Your industrious, result-oriented nature finds approval from your boss.

gemini You have been involved, till now, in seriously and conservatively building your family’s nest-egg. You have been a responsible child/parent/spouse/friend/employee and have won kudos for your cool, caring and calm nature. Now, at this phase, you could feel an upsurge of emotional energy which could cause restlessness and loneliness. You may indulge in disruptive and decadent behavior and shock your loved ones.

cancer Your reckless behavior is under control as you knuckle down to the sedate job of making a living and creating wealth. You are interested right now in fulfilling your professional and personal obligations. You determinedly slog away at your routine chores, commitments. There could be some problems at work which you will have to resolve, and accusations from the home front of being a workaholic could cause added stress. It will be a good idea to find a balance and spend more time with your family/loved ones.

leo You have been devoting to much of your energies to work and this has been causing difficulties in your relationships. You are benefitted too as improved ties and bonds give you great joy and harmony. Besides your close family, you show interest in the activities of your local community and even volunteer to help out. There could be collaborations with international partners/job opportunities in a multinational company, and your reputation at work receives a huge boost. You earn applause and are the toast of all.

virgo You natural inclination is towards spirituality and you involve yourself in studying the scriptures/visiting holy and sacred shrines/meditation/ chanting. Finances continue to occupy your attention but Ganesha advises you to stay alert in all money matters. This is the right time for parking your money in safe and stable investments and not risking or squandering it away in get-rich-quick schemes.

libra You are on a high as you involve the 3 Cs – communication, contacts and correspondence –to take your career/business up the next rung of success. Your stupendous inter-personal skills attract attention and just dividends. You could be tempted to venture into risky territory; the indications are all there and you will have to control yourself. Ganesha advises caution in money matters, love affairs and in over-indulgence.

scorpio Money matters continue to demand attention. But along with that, friends/loved ones/extended family demand your attention and you do not hold back as you respond. You overextend yourself to bring peace and harmony in all your relationships, both professional and personal, and the results are spectacular. Ganesha blesses you with happy bonding. You have pleasurable moments with your lover and, if a parent, great times with your kids.

sagittarius You have an inherent edge in communicating with people and so any relationship issues with children/family elders/siblings can be sorted out by talking. Friends are the source of fun and frolic and you will enjoy partying virtually all period. You manage to give equal and quality time to both your career and your children. Spirituality and religious matters also interest you.

capricorn The Moon gives you significant gains especially in relationships. The trend of the past period continues and you put in dedicated efforts in all your projects and initiatives. The focus has shifted from work to home and this requires detailed planning. All issues related to the home and highlighted; from restorations/renovations/additions to investments in property, land, leases and loans. Tact and diplomacy are required to tackle awkward issues and to resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction.

aquarius The 3 Cs – contacts, communications and correspondence – are this period’s theme and there will be a flurry of letters, e-mails, SMS as well as travel and trips. You will be in touch with the world and there will be many new work projects. A personal situation/work issues could put you in a dilemma but you manage to come through unstuck with some deft manoeuvring. There is a good chance to meet up with extended family and friends in religious functions /family, get-togethers/celebrations.

pisces You have continued to work hard and diligently even in the midst of all the interpersonal drama in your private life, winning approval with your superiors. Your reputation will soar. Prestige, promotions and pelf are the results of your own hard work and dedication and you deserve it. As your self–esteem and self–confidence, along with your social standing, soar you manage to, thankfully, retain your helpful and gracious attitude with all and sundry irrespective of their status in life.