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vastuAbout one-third of our lives are spent in bedrooms-all the more reason why Vastu guidance is essential in the bedroom design and placement-for health, prosperity and mental peace.

Vastu is the transcendent interpretation of our surroundings and their influence on our life. Its principles were established to create a harmony between the five elements in the environment. In this segment of Vastu Shastra, let’s discuss the most important place of our residency: The bedroom.

The bedroom is a cozy place in the closet of our habitat which basically provides comfort. It can classically be defined as a dwelling place where people usually sleep for the night or relax during the day. Have you ever realised that about one-third of our lives are spent sleeping and most of the time we are asleep, we are sleeping in a bedroom.

Vastu Shastra has a dominant role in the placement and designing of a bedroom. The way you sleep with your head in different directions and the placement of your bed is a major decision which must be taken seriously and with proper care. Here are some basic points one must adhere to get
peace and prosperity in the bedroom.

To be considered a bedroom, the room needs to have a bed. Bedrooms can range from really simple to fairly complex ones. Other standard furnishings  usually found in a typical bedroom include a closet, desk, and the dressing table etc. Today, in developing countries like India that have houses with multiple bedrooms, a bathroom may be connected to the bedroom. This did not start happening until the mid to late twentieth century.

magazine3_Page_11One should take care of the following points while studying about the Vastu of the bedroom; Proper location of the bedroom in the house, proper orientation of the bed, direction of the entrance, direction and placement of  the windows, position of the almirah, the locker, the dressing table, direction and placement of the TV, AC, cooler, audio systems, the telephone, colour scheme of the room, etc.

One should sleep in his/her own house with head facing east or south. If one is staying in someone else’s house, or while travelling, the head should face
west. One should never sleep with the head facing north. Upon rising up from bed, the right foot should be  placed on the floor first.


If one is to study in the bedroom, the east side should be used. The wardrobe should be located on the northwest or southwest side  of the bedroom. TV, heaters, and air conditioners should be located in the southeast corner.

The main bedroom should always be located in the southwest part of the house as the southwest represents the element Earth which implies heaviness, which makes it the ideal place for the man of the house.

magazine3_Page_14The south or southwest direction bedroom should be occupied by the head of the family. It should be larger than the other rooms. In case of a multi-story building, this room should always be on the top floor.

South or southwest direction is not at all suitable for children’s room, guest room, servant room or any other room. If there is an upper story in the house, the main bedroom should be on this floor in the southwest corner. Adult married children can also use this room. Younger children, however, should not use it because it will cause trouble in the household.

A bedroom in the north is ideal for young couples and also for storing valuables, important papers, cash, jewellery etc. The northeast direction should not have any bedroom since it is the sacred space of the house. A bedroom in the east direction is ideal for unmarried children. A bedroom in west direction is ideal for students. A bedroom in the northwest is best for newly-wed couples.

The children’s bedrooms should be in the northwest or west. The younger children’s bedroom can also be on the east side of the house, newly married couples  should not use a bedroom on the east side. Guest bedrooms are best located in the northwest corner, but can also be located in the northeast corner.


magazine3_Page_12BEDROOM VASTU TIPS

There should not be any mirror in front of the bed
The bed should be placed either on the south or west walls.
The mattress used on the double bed should be a single one.
The bed should never be placed in front of the bedroom door.
The heavy almirah should be on the either on south or the west wall.
The door of the bedroom should never produce creaking noises.
Avoid keeping photos, calendars or idols of any deities in the bedroom.
• The shape of the bed should be regular and any irregular shape should be avoided.
• There should not be any beam crossing over the bed, as it affects mental and physical health.
• The construction material for the bed should be wood and wrought iron beds should be avoided.
• At night it is advisable to keep a light burning; a night lamp is required; do not keep the bedroom pitch dark.
• Electronic gadgets should be placed at a distance from bed as they emit electromagnetic waves which interfere with sleep.

As per Vastu, mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. However, if essential, place them preferably along the north east wall.

The south brings a good deep sleep and ensures long life. There should be no window behind you while sleeping. Vastu allows attached bathrooms towards the west or north of the bedroom. However, some suggest locating it towards the east, southeast, north or northwest of the bedroom. The door of an attached bathroom should always remain closed.

Vastu does not recommend a bedroom in the southeast under any circumstances since it is the  quadrant of fire and imparts a hot temperament to those occupying it. It is best to shift from this room to any other room in the southwest, south, west or northwest.

In case there is no choice, keep the bed away from the southeast corner or you will be sleeping on too much  fire. Sleep in this room with your head towards the south and feet towards the north to ward off the ill effects. It also leads to constant quarrels between couples and ensures excessive expenditure. Children staying in this direction do not take interest in their studies and finds it difficult to get sound sleep.


The ideal colours for the walls of the bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and all woody colours like wood green and almond shades. Some experts say
that the walls should not be painted white or a light yellow.

magazine3_Page_131The door should be set in the east, west or north, and should ideally be one shutter. The main bedroom and the guest room should be painted in different hues of blue for a good sleep. Marble stone should not be used in the bedroom of a newly married couple. Bedroom walls can be decorated with attractive wall hangings or pictures that are pleasing since this is what you will see the first thing in the morning when you wake up.

The correct placement of furniture in the bedroom makes one feel at home. Vastu suggests that since bedrooms normally have heavy objects like beds, cupboards etc, they should be placed in the south, southwest or west direction of the room. If possible, avoid beds in the centre of the room. The southwest corner of the room should not be vacant. An attached bathroom could be built on the west or north sides of the room. It is best not to keep the safe in a bedroom, but if this is the only place for the safe, it should be located on the south wall, opening north.

Most of us don’t put enough thought into choosing the right mattress, especially considering how much time we spend using it. We spend about one-third of our lives asleep, and most of this time is spent on a mattress. Despite  the amount of time we spend in bed, many of us ignore our mattresses until the springs start poking us through the mattress pad. But a mattress has a lot to do with the quality of sleep and, therefore, with how we feel during the day.  So give some thought and attention to the type of mattress you use to ensure a good night’s sleep and for a well-rested feeling the following day. When selecting a mattress, you need to make decisions about the firmness, type of mattress and bed, and size.