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Important tips to uplift a bedroom with positivity


Bedroom is the space where an individual, after a daylong struggle, hard-work, professional pressure and stress, seek out for mental peace, physical comfort, positivity and relaxation. Bedroom is that space of house where a person spends considerable amount of time of his life and it is very important to have an environment which is quiet, composed, soothing, pacifying and potent enough to replenish the lost energy of body, mind and soul. 7-8 hours of quality sleep in an atmosphere full of positive vibes is going to display remarkable positive changes in an individual.

Here are the top 10 tips to uplift a bedroom with positivity:

  • Beds should be aligned towards southwest, south or west wall, with a high headboard and should either be a square or a rectangle in shape. Avoid irregular shaped bed and other furniture in the room.


  • There should be enough space on three sides of the bed. An inch of gap between the headboard and the wall is a preferable scenario.

bed 2

  • Best is to use beds without storage, but due to scarcity of space in house, box beds are preferred now a days. So, it becomes important to store things in beds which are positive in nature. Avoid storing electronics, metal items, money and religious scriptures in bed box.

bed 3

  • Use brown & earthy shades, beige, white or lighter shades of pink colour in the room in form of wall paints, bedsheets, rugs, curtains, cushions etc.

  • Couple picture on the south wall is a must thing for the bedroom to stabilize love, respect & understanding in relation.

  • Never over decorate the master bedroom. Ambience should be relaxing, calm and cozy with minimal items of ornamentation, so as to have a good night sleep without any burden.

bed 6

  • Never keep any live plant in the bedroom as it may disturb the sleep.
  • Attached toilet with the bedroom should be avoided in south-west direction at any cost. Toilet is good in the west or south of the room.
  • Best is not to have any mirror in the bedroom, if at all it cannot be avoided then ensure not to place it exactly opposite to bed.


  • Bed should be made up of wood. Wrought iron bed is a strict no.

Dr Aarushi



(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)