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Vastu for job and business

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Are you struggling with your present job profile? Have you lost your job during this pandemic COVID-19? Are you witnessing downfall in business because of it? Are you feeling stuck in the job and don’t see professional growth happening anytime soon? Are you confused about venturing into a new business or should you look for another job?

COVID-19 has affected everybody financially and psychologically in some or the other way. Money is a necessity to keep the house running and timely growth in a job keeps one mentally satisfied. A lucrative career is what fulfils both the requirements. We go to school and college for our education with an intention to have a successful and promising career but is that all? No, you also need to have energies around you supporting you and this is where vastu plays its role and provides you all the positive vibes you need.

Here are the top six tips which will help you with opportunities in job.

  • North is the direction of career, activate this direction to get best results and to do that, first thing you should do in the morning is to open windows and curtains of North and East windows and allow positive vibrations of the morning flow freely in your house.

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  • Northeast is the most important direction in a house. Keep it clean, clear and clutter free. Unwanted material should never be stacked there. Ishan-kone ie northeast as per vastu and place of planet Jupiter as per astrology, if balanced, supports us mentally, our vision increases and we have clarity of mind. All these things are very important to recognise challenges and opportunities and which further helps us to take step forward in the correct direction.

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  • Northwest is the direction of opportunities and support from peers, colleagues, friends and family. Someone looking for job opportunities should keep his/her curriculum-vitae/resume, bio-data, educational records in NW direction to promote help, guidance and opportunities. Charge west and northwest direction of your house with metallic items.
  • Unwanted situations often pull a person deep in sadness, depression, stress and anxiety. However, someone who does not let the situation impact him comes out as a winner. People under stress start to oversleep, get lazy, become unorganised. Nonetheless, if an individual stays optimistic, organised, cheerful and keeps working towards his goal, nothing can stop him from being successful. One thing which is very beneficial to fight stress, depression, negativity, hopelessness is to wake up early in morning ie in Braham-Muhurat- The time of god. That is the time when our mind is most active and brain-storming can offer various opportunities and ideas which we may not even think of, during the day. Meditation, yoga and other physical exercises early in the morning also keeps us calm and positive and increases our ability to work throughout the day.

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  • One looking for job or business opportunities should always face north, specially, while applying for a job, through discussion related to business expansion, while appearing for an interview or while searching for a job. Direction of career and money will extend its support. Never have a door behind the back, in-fact try to sit in a position wherein there is a wall at the back and open space in front.
  • Is there a toilet or store in east or northeast direction? This could act as a catalyst and add on to the troubles related to job & business. Stop using these toilets or else keep them absolutely clean and use cleansers like sea salt to keep the air fresh. Storerooms in these directions should again be kept light weighted, clean and organized.

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)