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Vastu for builders and developers


As a rule, the troublesome issues have basic arrangements. There is no issue which is greater than man and there is no issue which does not have an answer. In any case, the inquiry is that would we be able to evade issues in their totality? No, we cannot take out issues out and out but rather we can weaken them, as it were, by presenting cyclic society in all our everyday exercises. Here, we will examine about the cyclic building developments.

Vastu is the study of bearing and astrology is the investigation of time. We need to complete the combination of time and course. This should be possible by keeping up an arrangement of a wide range of developments from South-East to SouthWest to North West to North-East i.e from Agnya Kaun to Netratya Kaun to Vyayavya Kaun to Ishan Kaun. It can be surely known through a Swastik. NANDA is the Goddess of South-East course and is likewise the first day of the month termed as Pratipada.

BHADRA is the Goddess of the SouthWest heading and is additionally the second day of the month termed as Dwitya. JAYA is the Goddess of the North-West bearing and is likewise the third day of the month termed as Tritya.

RIKTA is the Goddess of the North-East heading and is likewise the fourth day of the month termed as the Chaturthi.

POORNA is the Goddess of the focal zone and is likewise the fifth day of the month termed as Panchmi.


These five goddesses of the five zones and five days of the month detail one set, one cycle, one mandla or in single word we may call it one Chakra. Since, Prtipada is trailed by Dwitya, Tritya, Chaturthi and Panchmi, the Goddess of Nanda is trailed by Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta and the Poorna.

Swastika is considered as the twofold helix and every helix comprises Golden Divine proportion called PHI; its four zones convey a sound of HUM, SHUM, SUM and SHHUM which speak to the vibrations of RIKTA, NANDA, BHADRA and the JAYA individually. They all lead to AUM which vibrates to POORNA with the Panchmi in the focal segment.

The vitality levels are certain in the North and East and negative in the South and West. North-East zone is the best zone while the South-West zone is the most negative zone. North-East is known as the source and the South-West is known as the sink. In the event that the vitality of North-East is given an estimation of the excellent, then we can categorise East is best, South East is negative, South is terrible, South-West is most exceedingly terrible, West is reasonable, North-West is certain, and North is better.

It can promptly be yielded from this typical representation of the vitality of distinctive bearings that the negative vitality begins from the South-East and proceeds up toward the West zone. The culmination is just as genuine, that is the positive vitality begins from North-West and proceeds up to East zone. The rule of Vastu is that the negative zone ought to be stacked more than the positive zone, dependably and all over the place.

By suggestion it implies that the positive zones ought to be kept free from blockages and stacking. In this manner the arrangement of development ought to begin from the South-East to North-East in a cyclic request.


Truth be told it is the mystery of Vastu Shastra that the vibrations of the mantras, the divinity of diverse headings, the goddesses of distinctive THITHIS i.e time and the helix of development are interrelated.

This is the astronomical two-fold bunch of presence which discovers its sign in a Swastik image. In all drawn out and erratically finished developments, since the grouping of helical and cyclic development is not took after, there are cases, site debate, defers and clashes. It has been essentially seen in all cases except for NIL. Cycling and reusing are the methods for Nature. Any action which has a cyclic development certain in it demonstrates prosperous and dynamic. Cyclic request is spoken to by right hand development or clockwise development. On the off chance that we enter a plot of area and after that take a right swing to approach the passage way to the house, we are moving in a cyclic request. Correspondingly, if the staircase in a house is anticlockwise it conflicts with the cyclic development and in the long run hoses the advancement and flourishing.

The rationale can be stretched out to Industries and business foundations. The raw material in an Industry ought to be taken care of and put to different machines and procedures in a clockwise cyclic request till they are out from the North-West course coming up short which the prevention are as a rule.

The writer is a Vastu expert who holds Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology & Masters of Vedic Vastu. He can be contacted at +91-931020393


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