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Blessing of Ganesha : March, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says you now give home and family, your mate, loved ones, their due space in your life. There could be inspired ideas about making money too, but they will firm up satisfactorily only later. What’s truly awesome in this glory is the joy in love that brings you spectacular contentment. And that’s only one part of it – albeit the best. A sense of balance and harmony is ushered in this period. Wait for sometime to buy the property.

Taurus : You swing back to your devil-may-care, reckless attitude to life. Ganesha warns you, however, not to throw away all our marvelous gains for a whim. What you need to guard against is rashness, carelessness or immaturity, in financial matters (most particularly) and family altercations, if they arise. And they do arise, even in the most closely knit and well – adjusted families. They could also be the reason for the change in your attitude. You may be so upset because there are chances that your money might be stucked in the office you are wishing to buy.

Gemini : Some negative aspects come to us all from time to time; and so with you, Geminis in this phase, but let me give you the good part first, since it helps you cope not just adequately but intelligently and successfully. Fortunately for you, Ganesha blesses you with accord and harmony relating to family and loved ones and spouse/mate. They are your inspiration and strength. Otherwise, what this period contains are just ‘complications’. You will be able to take new home and shift in the new house.

Leo :The gains of last year are sustained through this one, too. You realise the importance of ties, family and caring. You know that absence of worry is necessary for peace of mind and for meditation practices. So, you set about handling commitments, funds for family and security, and your own capacity to handle income-generating activities. Finally, the time has came to sell your property. You will get good benefits.

Virgo : You need to hold back your impetuous streak and hastiness. A time to avoid rashness and impatience very rigidly. You need to not just brush away the cobwebs, but also think of new and bright moves and how to implement them. There are snags, but several points of progress and change, too. Your main concerns now will pertain strictly to family matters and affairs. Finally, you can go ahead and rent a new property.


Cancer : You may not want to make any great effort this year. You could be feeling low, after the various stresses and pulls that had to be dealt with. Suddenly, you throw off your inertia. Problems and demands continue, but you feel very confident while dealing with the builder for the office. Do some charitable or philanthropic work, look at deeper values. You are determined to take care of those who look to you for support and sustenance, and even those who don’t somewhat like Ganesha, who watches over all of us.

Libra : A contented and quiet phase is yours to enjoy. At last you may well say. New goals and orientations and a willingness to accept new responsibility with grace makes for harmony and peace in family life and marriage. Simultaneously, work concerns, your career
and, of course, your finances will be strongly focused.  I suggest you to buy a land and you will get good benefits in the future.

Scorpio : You will realise, as perhaps never before, the value of good relationships. And these run the entire gamut from friends to colleagues, to loved ones, to spouse, to parents/children. There could be some differences arising, thought the interactions will be mostly cordial and warm, you will be much more restrained and tactful so that conflicts do not arise. You will be able to negotiate with the landlord regarding the property and make a new deal.

Sagittarius : Ganesha gives you a good year, even though you may not be expecting it. You’ve been experiencing and up swing in all aspects of life-health, love, career, money, spirituality. There is more good news in store- awards, rewards, recognition, and personal popularity. I  suggest you to sell your office as you will get a good amount.

Capricorn : The upward swing hasn’t stopped yet. All the Ps- praise, promotion, perks, personal benefits/parents, prestige- in some form or the other will be there and to round off the  feast, the P of profession. Your boss/superior/the powers that- be, are also pleased with you, personally and regarding your performance at work. Truly a splendid year. A very good period for each and every deal regarding the property.


Aquarius : You feel now that you’ve finally got yourself where you wanted to be. All the tumults and glory will finally quieten down in this phase-peace and contentment prevail, and some much needed rest and relaxation, surrounded by those you love, by friends,  good companions who share  your ideas. Do not deal by the mid of this month and deal only after 15th as it is good period.

Pisces : Another phase of closeness, bonding and affection. With your family, children, loved ones, too, there is an excitement in personal interaction. If you are single and  also fancy-free, you might find yourself falling in love, or being irresistibly drawn to someone you find exciting. It’s  sent you off, travelling to new or unknown places in a spirit of adventure. I suggest you to book a new house in this month if you are planning to do so.

Astrology Trivia
As the first sign of the Zodiac, the presence of an Aries almost always indicates the beginning of something energetic and boisterous!
The Zociac was originally a natural agriculture calender that dated the sowing of crops, harvesting etc, by the rising and setting of the stars.
The practice of Astrocartography looks at how you are affected by your geographical location. It’s believed that, by comparing your birth chart to different areas in the world, the area where you will be most successful and happy can be determined.

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