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Aries : Ganesha says – this is a time of hope and opportunities to succeed. You will try (or should try) to seize it with both hands and get the best out of it. This month adds warmth and an added dimension to your personal life and energies and enthuses you tremendously. You have the power, the charisma to handle everything. Financial matters too will be of great importance, so you will really have your hands full. Journeys and travel plans also conspire to keep you occupied. You will be able to buy new home this month.

Taurus : All plans/property projects/hopes/desires hinge on one pivot, as we all know. And we also know that this pivot is money. No two ways about it. Your money angle was tremendously activated and energised, but now money/finances become the main focus. Your job, emoluments, perks will be mighty important. Some good investments can be made around this time, but once again a touch of caution and restraint will also need to be exercised, along with careful planning. All your activities regarding the property matters will get supercharged and powered by Jupiter.


Gemini : Now you relate to yourself and to people in general will not only be the theme, but will decide many aspects of your future. Your people skills could really make or break you now. A good time to sell your property. It is not the usual Gemini temperament, but you can always cultivate good qualities, a better attitude, counsels Ganesha, especially when you know how much is at stake. This includes both professional achievements / advancement and also the depth and sincerity of personal equations.

Leo : The pressures on you will ease tremendously. Things will fall into place and you will feel you have much cause to celebrate. There is goodwill, high approbation and love to be experienced and basked in during this lovely month. Your angle of love and relationships will be sweetly rewarding and fulfilling, giving you much joy. A month of gains all-round in which the confusion of the past months will decrease. Your confidence will increase, and dealings with buyer will be on an even keel. Ganesha nods.

Virgo : This will be a crucial, important month, bringing in a vital phase, which may well change the course of your life and thinking. Making fresh evaluations and assessments, especially of goals regarding the property that you wish to sell will be what will grip and preoccupy you. What lines of action and of future planning you decide on will therefore be very important. It will also yield dividends – both professionally and emotionally. Having had a surfeit of socialising, you are in an unusually contemplative, serious and introspective frame of mind this month. Travel, visits to isolated spots, shrines, temples, places of healing, all attract you but so do people and relationships, paradoxically enough.

Cancer : You seem to have taken Ganesha’s advice to heart – and will act upon it now: Publicity, travel, and the print and electronic media keep you on your toes. The net results will be more than satisfactory – profits and rewards galore. You also build good relationships. Health problems of those older or superior i.e. in-laws, parents, your boss or partner could perhaps cause you concern. Once again you may feel that responsibilities are weighing too heavily on you or that life has given you too much to handle. A bit of socializing, meeting with builder will give you good advantage in the house that you are planning to buy.

Libra : This will be a time to see the visible results of your efforts in regard to the wish that you had regarding the office. You will work hard, but achieve goals and targets, so that there is a sense of true achievement. Till the middle of the month, both Mars and Venus will sustain you in all you do and attempt. Your family will both merit and demands your attention. Give it ungrudgingly and see huge gains in terms of love, affection, and popularity.


 Scorpio : This is the month/phase that will be vital because you will almost certainly create your own luck! This obvious caveat comes from Ganesha, of course a fine caution and restraint will need to be exercised if you have to translate all this into success! Do not bring matters to a head, please. Play it naturally. Do not try to be all-knowing, all wise, the supremo of all that you see and do though I grant most happily that you are intelligent. I suggest you to wait for sometime and then only finalise on the land that you are planning to buy.

Sagittarius : Your efforts at true self-improvement will start becoming fruitful and all kinds of gains will be apparent. Your personal and public image, both get an almighty boost, in short. And the astro-reason is truly a blessing from Ganesha. You positively shine at inter-personal relationships and interactions this month. Property contracts, deals, assignments and projects almost fall into your lap. There is actually very little that you will not do well at, in this marvellous phase and there will be true recognition of you as a person, of your motives and your ideals. You benefit on almost all fronts.

Capricorn : You will not just be working too hard but really slogging to achieve the goals you have set yourself. Not just days but nights too. Both work, career and business on the hand, and house and family on the other, demand your special attention this busy month. Home will be what you build on (not literally) and home-based activities are so important that you may even make it your base of operation, or your actual work-place. You should finalise the home this month.

Aquarius: A sudden slowdown will now be experienced, a kind of lull in which nothing will seem to make progress. Buying of new property will give you good benefit in the future. There are bound to be glitches in your plans, or even a misunderstanding which you need to iron out. Besides, there is also streamlining, updating and improvement of work and office procedures, laying down of new policies, systems of checks and balances and safety nets at work will come through, but more probably by the month-end. Tantra, mantra, prayers and worship will strengthen all this.

Pisces : It is a time for reaping rewards, gathering the grapes of harvest, so to say, meeting opposition head-on, improving  your long-distance performance, for example, collaborations, communications, contacts, publicity. You will also, therefore need to be tactful, less rigid in your views, more willing to listen. Ganesha also has a tip for you – try to plan ahead, discard bigotry in your opinions and try for a less argumentative approach, in your dealings. Do not take any decision without thinking. Do proper research and then only go ahead with the commercial space that you are planning to buy.


Astrology Trivia
Astrologers claim that the moon has the same effect upon humans, as it does upon the ocean. If the moon can affect the huge tides it cannot fail to affect the human body, which consists of 75% Water.
Executives and professionals are the fastest-growing group of believers in astrology, according to a study by USA Today.
After the American president Ronald Reagan was shot, his wife Nancy employed an astrologer to forecast his future safety.
The most famous astrologer is Nostradamus, who is said to have predicted events such as the Second World War, the assassination of the American President John F.Kennedy and even the attack on the World Trade Centre.