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Vastu Shastra :The Ornament Of Prosperity

Vastu Shastra – The Ornament of Prosperity
Prosperity is the condition of flourishing, favorable luck or fruitful social status. Prosperity frequently envelops riches yet in addition incorporates different elements which can be free of riches to changing degrees, for example, bliss and wellbeing. Financial ideas of thriving regularly contend or connect contrarily with well being, bliss, or otherworldly thoughts of economic prosperity. For instance, longer hours of work may bring about an expansion in specific measures of financial thriving, yet to the detriment of pushing individuals far from their inclinations for shorter work hours. On calculatory basis prosperity is a stage in an economic cycle in which conditions of relatively low-unemployment and high total income prevail, leading to high purchasing power. As per materialistic basis prosperity is the state of being successful & having a lot of reserved money.
As per Vedas prosperity is divine and wealth is considered as an essential requirement for the preservation and continuation of life upon earth. God is described in the Vedas as the creator and source of all. Therefore, he is also the source of all wealth and abundance. His material abundance is represented by Goddess Nature. Mother Nature associate the power and appears in every manifestation of her as her dynamic force or Shakti. She is the source of knowledge in association with Brahma, the source of wealth in association with Vishnu and the source of regenerative power in association with Shiva. Thus, Saraswati, Lakshmi & Parvati are considered the triple resources of prosperity in the universe. Saraswati enlightens us. Lakshmi enriches us & Parvati empowers us. This perfect combination of all three is called as prosperity.
Prosperity or Maya, gives the freedom to enjoy peace & happiness and serve God by helping it to preserve the order and regularity of life. This point of view can be inconsistent with free enterprise ideas of thriving, because of their relationship with ravenousness. Hinduism does not view wealth as evil per se. Prosperity (artha) is also considered one of the chief aims of human life, to be pursued by human beings who take up the duties of householders (grihastha). Those who choose to live as householders requires wealth to perform various kinds of obligatory duties. They are not expected to live for themselves, but for the sake of others. They have to earn wealth to maintain their families & serve others through the five daily sacrifices (nitya karmas) namely sacrifice to gods, to human beings, to ancestors, to plants & animals and to God.
Vastu, the old exploration of vedic engineering can be utilized to outline your home or office such that, cash, riches and flourishing can be pulled in and duplicated effectively. There are couple of things you should stay away from to diminish outpouring of cash and couple of different things you have to do keeping in mind the end goal to expand wage. The thought is to keep the North-East corner (managed by Lord Kuber, the master of Prosperity) spotless and loaded with positive vitality. Barely any individuals do oversights of having a hoisted N-E corner and having refuse, blockages, doors, wires & so forth over yonder which anticipates inflow of wealth. Arrangements of staircases, restrooms, waste jars, floor brush and wipe sticks, water bodies and so forth in right corners choose how you control stream of riches in your home of office.
Important Vastu Tips for Prosperity 
  • Wealth is mainly represented by purple color, hence keep a purple colored plant in your home. However, if you find it difficult to get it then keep money plant in a purple pot.
  • Fish aquariums are very positive for wealth. Choose some active and healthy fish and try to make sure that they are strong swimmers. Keep the water dirt free and aerated.
  • To load your locker with wealth, do not construct over-head tank in North-east as its the place for under-water tank. Place suitable for overhead tank is South-West corner.
  • Place a water fountain in North-East part of home. Make sure that water in the fountain is always moving; movement of water denotes flow of positive energy and wealth.
  • Do not make swimming pool, water body or anything lower than the normal ground level in the South-West corner This corner should always be elevated than others.
  • Sweeping the floor should be done towards the inside of the house. Never direct your cleaning actions towards the main door. This will cause a reduction in wealth.
  • Garbage bins should have covers. Keep them covered all the time. Avoid garbage cans, which are perforated on the sides. Wealth energy gets corrupted otherwise.
  • Drainage pipes should be fitted in the east or the north area of factories, offices or residences. Never have a dripping faucet or plumbing as it drains the finances.
  • Bed should always be one foot above the ground to facilitate free flow of energy. Restriction in the flow of energy would also curtail your wealth earning chances.
  • Always buy plots which have more or at-least the same elevation than the surrounding roads. Never buy a plot which is at a lower level than the road facing it.
  • Never make curved wall in the North-East corner of the boundary wall. Make it at right angles. Anything lesser or greater than 90 degrees at NE corner is bad.
  • Always open your bedroom windows for at least 20 minutes a day to allows fresh energy to come in. If not, you will be sleeping with stale energy every night.
  • Planting big and huge trees in the South-West portion of a plot stabilizes finance. This also helps to avoid misfortunes and mishaps in family and business.
  • Place a mirror in front of your cash locker so that the mirror shows an image of cash locker when opened. This is emblematic that your wealth is doubled.
  • Do not construct over-head tank in north-east direction. Ensure that your entrance or house front door is not blocked by any wire, pole, pit or other things.
  • Statues of Lord Ganesha or Laughing Buddha are known as the dispeller of obstacles, can beautify the house, but avoid placing in the north-east corner.
  • Do not keep the brooms, mops and shoes in the north, north east and east directions, these directions are very pious. Do not keep the brooms standing.
  • If the entrance and exit doors are in a straight line, this clearly means that whatever comes in doesn’t stay but goes straight out in the same direction.
  • Keep the North direction and NE corners positive, energetic because it is the center of God of wealth and helps in sustaining forces that drive wealth.
  • Avoid making staircase etc. in NE corner. Never keep anything heavy like machinery, ladders, heavy metal storages etc in the North-East corner.
  • Place the money locker closer to the south-west or the south wall in the south-west room or north-east so that it opens onto the north direction.
  • Do not keep your brooms, mops and shoes under the staircase. Keeping dirty things under the stairs creates vastu defects.
  • Make sure to avoid any high rise buildings, temple etc. in front of NE of your plot or home as this leads to loss of wealth.
  • Always keep the South-West portion of roof higher than the North-East portion. Building roof must slope from SW to NE.
  • Birdbaths and bird feeders can be of great help in cleaning up your finances and drawing prosperity from all directions.
  • To check your expenses, keep live plants or grains in the toilet. It will prevent the money from going down the drain.
  • You can place that mirror on inside wall of cash locker door, so that this mirror keeps reflecting the wealth inside.
  • Keep a birdbath or feeder in the yard to attract wild life, as it augments the amount of energy around your home.
  • If there are narrow passages in the house, you can hang mirrors on the wall to expand the feeling of width.
  • Never place the cash locker under any beam as this puts a lot of financial stress on family and business.
  • Make sure to feed water and grains to birds in your plot’s yard, this attracts positive energy and wealth.
  • Make sure all clocks within your house are in working order. If not, fix them or give them away.
  • Leaking or running pipes with water are indicating loss of wealth, so get them fixed always.
  • Never have big and high trees in the North-East side of a plot as it obstructs financial flow.