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Horoscopes of January 2015

Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says major expenses come as the theme for the month, right from the beginning of the year. Funds, joint funds, assets, shared accounts will be important, and a fair amount of travel, too. You need to make a lot of demands on yourself- not just financially but emotionally, too. This is a good month give your property on rent. You reach out to help those less fortunate, to heal and succour where necessary.|


Your mood is one of rashness, or certainly a keenness to take calculated risks, in an attempt to brighten future prospects. This will apply almost equally to matters that affect your pocket and your heart. However, you do weigh up the risks, and realise that the way to improve these prospects is to concentrate on your work, no matter how dull and simple it is. The day-to-day chores and tasks, the nitty-gritty details of domesticity right through to the work scene, to larger social and even global concerns and issues.



Bonding in properties, with old friends and new, is not justimportant but very fulfilling. In fact, fulfillment is what Mercury ushers in, certainly in the sphere of your job,
recognition, rewards, popularity, and perhaps most keenly, of your own self-image. Right now you feel it almost matches up to the way you want others to see you. There is an inbuilt danger in all this glory, though.


It’s family home and concerns that you deal with now. You seek to find satisfaction and fulfillment in dealing with family and property matters, trying to make them as secure as you want them to be. From family assets, can home and family ever be left out? The personal angle is the focal point of all your activities. You’re where you wanted to be on the work front, anyway! Most important will be your individual or personal property.


A time when you will need to focus on the larger picture. Leos can roar and rage, but they are never petty or carping in their attitude, or rarely so. You can rise above the mean, the small minded, much more and that’s what you do around this time both at home and professionally/business-wise. And that’s good! It’s also necessary if you’re to carryon caring and providing, as you may realise.



One month it was profession/job and the following one, it was home/family, marital concerns. Both the themes not only come together now, but gain momentum and intensity. You are willing, even eager to take risks, chance your arm and your heart. You are willing to lay down your heart for your sweetheart to trample over, if it gets you what you want, but it just may not. A lot of hurt comes from such situations, hence the risk.


The daring and bold and active side of you will dominate. Hectic, even frenetic activity is your lot this month. The reasons are (a) sky-high expenses and outflow of money, (b) extra assignments, perhaps even a stint of moonlighting to cope with expenses; in short extra work, (c) putting yourself out on a limb in your efforts to help someone else whom you have sympathy for. You’re willing to face dangers I conflicts/work hazards.



A month of intense activity and involvement comes now. In the order of importance that they have I would place them as finance, family and entertaining I am very consciously avoiding making it the threeFs by saying food . Finances are paramount but more as a means to an end – of better family life and interaction with friends, loved ones. You entertain, extend hospitality, have house guests and are kept more than busy. But there’s one more F that’s important and that is faith – in religion, tantra and mantra, worship, prayers, submission to the Higher Consciousness. Ganesha applauds.


You are a problem-solver by nature and it is this quality that helps you cope and make the best of your troubles. In fact, you gain from them. A successful, inspired time for you, particularly in the field of communication, and all the activities related to it. My Cs of contacts, correspondence, communication, plus the Ts of travel, ties, trips, and even touching base. You realise that they hold the key to both your success and happiness.


An almost global reaching-out will be experienced. Collaborations, links with distant or overseas places, some travel, are all included, perhaps a trip or move of your own. On the one hand, there are huge expenses in the home and family scene, and on the other, there is a growing desire for enjoying your personal space, following your own inclinations. You try to balance both.



A month of visible success. Finances look up tremendously and you gain power and prestige also. Your intelligent ideas are leading you towards the top of a group dealing with community building, mutual needs, service to humankind. (It is no longer politically correct to say mankind, gender specific general terms are taboo, aren’t they?). Whatever, you have a sense of mission and a special satisfaction in your work. In fact, long-cherished dreams and hopes could now be coming true.


You’re impressive in your success which is more than visible especially to those around you. You bask in the approval of those you respect. There could be financial benefits flowing from this. You are a dynamo in your work, because right now it gives you so much – satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. That is what Ganesha blesses us with, your efforts are sincere and genuine. You attain success in the eyes of others, but also in your own self-image.